Monarch iPhone Home Charger 2Amp with Lightning Cable

Monarch iPhone Home Charger 2Amp with Lightning Cable

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Monarch 6 in 1 Car Charger with Emergency Tool-Black

Monarch World Travel Adapter & USB Charger


World Travel Adapter with Charger

Monarch World Travel Adapter with Charger is a must for travellers, entrepreneurs, and those who travel within the country or abroad. The World Travel adapter is highly compatible with Intelligent Recognition with all devices such as smart phones, MP3 players, GPS, Laptops, hairdryers, and Digital cameras. With a wide input voltage of 100-240V, the all-in-one adapter offers various country-specific plugs to charge efficiently in over 150 countries. In addition, its portability and lightweight, compact design are ideal for carrying in small bags.



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Features of the World Travel Adapter with Charger:

  • All-in-one 4 Standard Country-Specific Plugs "“ The World Adapter offers various plugs types that can be used in over 150 countries. It has sliders in-built on the side to push and pull the desired plugs. Meaning one plug for all those different countries.
  • High Device Compatibility and Wide Voltage "“ The adapter can be used for various appliances such as smart phones, laptops, GPS, travel hair dryers, digital cameras, and other devices required for travel. With the input voltage range of 100-240V, you can plug in at any place safely.
  • Intelligent Recognition and Device Protector "“ The adapter is in-built with intelligent recognition to recognize any devices connected to the dual USB ports. Any devices connected are protected against overcharge, overheating, and over current.
  • Lightweight, Compact, and Portable "“ The adapter is compact and portable for those travelling daily, allowing you to use it in hotels, airports, cafes, and homes. The lightweight charger takes up less space; therefore, a good companion for frequent travellers.
  • Universal Standard Plugs "“ The World adapter has four standard plugs which can be slid out. The country-specific plugs can be used in the USA, Canada, UK, mid-east, Australia, New Zealand, China, Denmark, Europe, Poland, France, India, Italy, Switzerland, Great Britain, Israel, and many other countries universal.

Proving to be efficient for global travel, connect your devices for safe and fast charging anywhere and anytime.

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