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      Thin Phone Case Covers & Accessories:

  • Are you looking to buy a phone cover for your handset? Well, you have landed on the right page. Here is an assorted collection of different types of phone cases. You can select from a range of products for the type of phone case that you need. We have different phone cases such as thin phone case, card phone cover, silicone phone case, etc.

  • Out of all the phone cases, it is preferable to select a thin phone case as it helps the user to save space. A thin phone case does not occupy much space and hence can be easily accommodated anywhere. You must be wondering, what about the protection that it has to offer. Well, that is also very good. A thin phone case presents as much safety for your phone as any other type of phone cover will.

  • Select from a premium range of thin phone cases. We have collected thin phone cases in different material, style, size and shapes. You can read more about them in their description given below each listing. 

  • A standing (or kickstand) case keeps the device standing upright. The claspible kickstand of some horizontal cases holds the device in a flatter or steeper angle, depending on whether it is horizontally placed on a surface clockwise or counter-clockwise. The flat angle allows tapping without pushing the device over, while the steep angle is intended for watching.
  • Folio cases are a combination of a case and stand, and may include a keyboard (USB for OTG smartphones or bluetooth keyboard).
  • Skins and design covers can serve for protection and personalization. These are the result of the relatively "naked" designs produced by manufacturers such as Apple, where the metal and glass components of the device are exposed and vulnerable to damage. They are distinct from holsters, in allowing use of the device while in the case, but in many instances include a belt clip or other device giving it the functionality of a holster. They are made of hard plastic, rubber, silicone, leather, or adhesive-backed vinyl pieces. Vinyl material may be calendared or cast, with the latter being more expensive. Calendered vinyl is expected to only be used for short-mid duration (10 years), while cast vinyl is used on a more long-term basis. Calendered vinyl also tends to shrink in the heat and can be shaped into any form (above 80 degrees Celsius), and may fade in direct sunlight.
  • Customized phone cases use custom printing. Different companies have different methods of printing on cases; some utilize sublimation, others Inkjet-printed skins, others dye-sublimation 3D printing methods.
  • Functional cases can integrate external batteries or a USB, bluetooth, or Wifi keyboard and touchpad.