Monarch Home Charger 45W USB-C Plug

Monarch Home Charger 45W USB-C Plug

Monarch Home Charger 30W USB-C Plug

Monarch Home Charger 30W USB-C Plug

Monarch Home Charger 65W USB-C Plug



The portable and compact size 65W USB-C Home charger is a powerful charger used for smart phones, laptops, tablets, and other USB-C devices. With a long cable and compact build with two plugs, it is ideal for travelling in different countries. In addition, you can enjoy the universal broadband 100-240V voltage rating it offers, used in various regions. The power plug can be changed between Type-A and Type-G, allowing broader use in any available outlet. The 65W USB-C charger enables you to charge around three times faster than a 1A charger.



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Features of the 65W USB-C Home Charger:

  • Faster Powerful Charging "“ The powerful charger can charge smart phones, tablets, laptops, and other USB-C devices up to 50% in 30 minutes. Its 3.5A quick charge rating allows three times faster charging than a 1A charger.
  • Changeable Type-A to Type-G Power Plug "“ The power plug can be used in any outlet supporting Type-A and Type-G plugging. The home charger can switch between Type-A and Type-G.
  • Universal Broadband Voltage "“ The 65W USB-C Home Charger has a universal voltage rating of 100-240V, allowing use in various countries and regions. In addition to its compact build and long cable, it is ideal for travelling.
  • Wider Type-C Compatibility "“ Among several USB-C devices, the 65W charger can smart phones, tablets, laptops, Apple devices, and more. The powerful charger can be used for various devices, allowing lighter travel.
  • Maximum Portability and Compact Size "“ The Power Delivery 65W charger offers maximum portability with a foldable plug and compact size. Plug the charger in an outlet to enjoy fast charging with an output power of 100-240V.

Enjoy wider compatibility, universal voltage rating, portability, and fast charging with the PD 65W USB-C Charger.

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