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Monarch Energybar P10 10000mAH USB-C 20W PD Power Bank

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Monarch 3.5mm Jack ME06 Stereo Earphones Headphones-White


Monarch 3.5mm audio jack ME06 Stereo Earphones Headphones-White

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The ME06 Stereo Earphones feature volume control, a multi-function button, and an in-built mic for hands-free operations. It can be connected to devices supporting 3.5mm audio jack. ME06 comprises tangle-free cables and sleek in-ear buds, lightweight and ideal earphones for active listeners. The ultra-slim body houses the powerful 14mm driver unit. The durable and long cable is perfect for daily entertainment use.

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Features of the ME06 3.5mm audio jack Stereo Earphones:

  • Mic, Remote Control, and Volume Control – Featuring a volume button, remote control, and in-built mic, ME06 allows you to enjoy with hands-free experience without the need to take your device out.
  • Powerful 14mm Driver Unit – The ultra-slim earphones house the powerful 14mm driver unit that produces powerful and smooth sounds. Designed to maximize the listening experience, ME06 suits all your needs, be it travel or workouts.  
  • Tangle-free and Long Cables – The tangle-free cables allow you to move around without restricting your energetic activities.
  • Comfortable Fitting In-ear Buds – The sleek and modern in-ear buds are comfortable fitting for any size. Designed for comfort, the wired earphones are suitable for daily active users.
  • Compatibility and Quality – ME06 is compatible with almost all 3.5mm audio jack compatible devices. The earphones allow music lovers to vibe with their music with high-quality sound and enhanced bass.

All in all, ME06 is convenient for music lovers and active individuals who prefer hands-free experiences, integrated with high-quality sound.


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