DU12 Type-C Micro adapter

DU12 Type-C Micro adapter

Tempered Glass iPhone 15 Pro Max Screen Protector

Tempered Glass iPhone 15 Pro Max Screen Protector

DU13 USB-A to USB-C adapter


DU13 USB-A to USB-C Converter

Turn the USB-A ports of any of your devices into USB-C ones with this OTG adapter and give them the necessary interface to interact with devices that feature USB-C connection. Simply insert the USB-A plug into the corresponding port of your device and you are all set up. Small and discreet meaning that it won't block the port next to the one it's plugged into.

Built with zinc-alloy, this adapter comes with excellent durability you can expect from a high-end product, a petite physique that matches the minimalist design of your modern laptops.

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  • Easy to use: Simply plug in and use
  • Small and Discreet: The small compact design allows you to carry the adapter with you anywhere you go.
  • Converter: Easily convert your USB-A device to a USB-C.

Strong and Durable: Wrapped in a aluminium alloy shell the adapter is strong, water resistant and scratch-resistant

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