Monarch Gadgets Wireless Charging Stand with Watch Stand-White

Monarch Gadgets Wireless Charging Stand with Watch Stand-White

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Wireless Charger + Automatic Phone Holder ( CC-60)

Monarch Universal Ultrabook Laptop Adaptor- Black


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Monarch Universal Ultrabook Laptop Adapter offers high-speed charging with safety for different brand laptops and Ultrabook. Included with the universal AC adapter and cable, nine adapter pins are provided, which widens the compatibility.



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Key Features

  • Universal AC adapter and AC Cable
  • Switch between Adapter pins to charge different laptops
  • Higher efficiency and faster charging with security
  • Provides charging for multiple laptops with one single cord
  • Nine different compatible pins included for laptops and Ultrabook
  • Intelligent voltage and current management for connected laptops and Ultrabook

Along with a universal AC adapter and AC cable, nine different adapter pins are included. For different laptops and Ultrabooks, the adapter pins include H1, H2, H3, H10, H11, H13D, H14, H15, and H15. With the added nine interfaces, the compatibility is widened to allow charging of more laptop brands with a single cable.

You can travel light with just a single adapter and cable for your laptops. The Monarch Universal Ultrabook Laptop adapter can charge Asus, Dell, Lenovo, LG, Samsung, Sony, HP, Toshiba, and Acer laptops.

Ideal at workspaces, you can easily switch with the nine adapter pins to charge different laptops. The Universal adapter has an intelligent voltage and current management system for security. The technology ensures high efficiency and matched output based on laptop requirements.

Before connecting the laptop, ensure the output voltage is matched with the requirements and attach the required connector size. Laptops should have a rated voltage of less than or equal to 65W.

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